VMware® AirWatch

Enterprise Mobility Management Platform

AirWatch by VMware is the leader in enterprise mobility management (EMM). With industry-leading identity, productivity and collaboration solutions, we enable end users with a seamless digital workspace. We empower IT with a future-proof mobility platform that provides flexibility to manage multiple use cases, unified management of endpoints, end-to-end security from devices to data center, and seamless integration across enterprise systems.

Enable End Users with a Digital Workspace

Users are accustomed to a consumer experience that is simple and convenient. These growing expectations have increased the pressure on IT to deliver the same level of ease when working with corporate apps that support their workflows. AirWatch delivers a seamless user experience, self-service access to apps, and the freedom to choose the most powerful and up-to-date devices to keep employees satisfied and productive.

  • One IdentityVMware Identity Manager delivers on user expectations for one-touch access to any application, from any device, through a unified app catalog.
  • Corporate ResourcesAirWatch enables seamless access for end users to automatically connect to corporate networks, including Wi-Fi and VPN.
  • Productivity AppsAirWatch delivers key business applications, including: native, web, mobile, Windows and virtual apps, to end user devices to enable employee productivity on-the-go.
  • Content CollaborationAirWatch Content Locker provides end users with a single application to access and collaborate on content through a mobile app, desktop client and web portal.
  • Device ChoiceAirWatch supports smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged, printer and peripheral devices to ensure your users are able to work with the device that keeps them most productive.
  • Self ServiceAirWatch supports end user device management and controls through our Self-Service Portal to relieve the burden on IT

Empower IT with a Future-Proof Platform

IT administrators are challenged to effectively manage a growing device population while ensuring corporate data is protected on those devices. When choosing a mobility management solution, it is critical that IT select a platform that can support their initiatives now, but also in the future as requirements change. AirWatch provides a future-proof enterprise mobility management platform that IT can grow into, rather than out of.

  • Endpoint ManagementAirWatch is a comprehensive mobility management platform built to manage any endpoint, across all platforms, for any use case. Our platform provides IT with powerful automation engines so IT is able to easily manage a growing number of devices.
  • End-to-End SecurityAirWatch protects sensitive corporate data at the user, application, device and network levels by enabling containerization to ensure data loss prevention.
  • Enterprise IntegrationAirWatch integrates with your existing infrastructure to maximize current investments and seamlessly extend those systems to mobile devices. AirWatch also enables businesses to deploy and develop critical business applications through our app ecosystem and development tools.