VMware vCloud® Air™

VMware vCloud® Air™, built on VMware vSphere®, quickly and seamlessly extends your data center into the cloud using the tools and processes you already have.

What vCloud® Air™ Does

  • Dev/TestTake a low-risk first step and free up valuable on-premises data center capacity by separating pre-production in cloud and choosing to deploy on- or off-premises.
  • Packaged ApplicationsUse next application upgrade cycle of existing virtualized desktops and applications, e.g., Microsoft Exchange, and now host in hybrid cloud.
  • Disaster RecoveryExtend the data center for disaster recovery third-party backup, dev/test, seasonal workloads, and additional geo locations.
  • New Enterprise ApplicationsBuild and host new applications in traditional 3-tier architectures (Java).
  • Next Generation ApplicationsEvolve from traditional to next generation applications (Spring, Ruby on Rails) and PaaS on Cloud Foundry.