VMware vRealize Business

VMware vRealize™ Business™ provides transparency and control over the costs and quality of IT services enabling the CIO to align IT with the business and to accelerate IT transformation.

What vRealize Business Does

  • Gain TransparencyUnderstand the cloud resources and IT services you offer, as well as your costs, quality, users and consumption and see how you perform against peers to identify opportunities for improvement. With this transparency, enhance collaboration with users by providing them access to relevant IT cost data.
  • Align IT with the BusinessEnable IT to meet the business expectations of the LOB relative to the portfolio of available services and their costs, shifting from a technical orientation to a business orientation.
  • Enable the CIO Transformation AgendaEnable CIOs to show the value of new IT investments to accelerate business growth. Provides the baseline data necessary to understand ROI and TCO for complex initiatives, including application rationalization, data center consolidation, storage optimization, end-user computing and hybrid cloud services.
  • Control and Optimize IT BudgetIncrease economies of scale, reducing IT unit costs and TCO, by establishing demand management. Improve analysis to drive fact-based vendor management and sourcing decisions around cloud resources and IT services.